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Web Page Analyzer - free website optimization tool website speed test check website performance report from web site optimization

by lukeslytalker & 12 others
Try our free web site speed test to improve website performance. Enter a URL below to calculate page size, composition, and download time. The script calculates the size of individual elements and sums up each type of web page component.


The Scrutinizer

by phileplanet & 6 others
The Scrutinizer is a service that allows you to analyze, assess and validate any link using various tools and testers on the web.

JSLint, The JavaScript Verifier

by sunny & 13 others
Online implementation of a Javascript verifier that not only finds javascript bugs, it can also suggest improvements

SEO Tools, Internet Tools and Webmaster Tools at Self SEO

by arakno & 2 others
SEO tools, search engine tools and webmaster tools Welcome to Self SEO. The idea of this website is to combine various search engine optimization tools, internet tools and webmaster tools in one place and help webmasters to build a successfull website. In

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