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elephant interactive

by sbrothier
Jérôme Pidoux conception / web-design / da / direction de projet

The StoryCode Ten: Questions for Upian

by sbrothier
Established in 1998, Upian is a design studio and interactive production company known for its award winning projects including Alma - A Tale of Violence, Prison Valley, and Generation Quoi? For this interview three of Upian's producers—Alexandre Brachet, Margaux Missika and Gregory Trowbridge—take us behind the screens as they describe their process and the development of their projects.


Helios Design Labs

by sbrothier & 3 others
Helios Design Labs is a multi-disciplinary design studio located at the intersection of art and technology. We design experiences that combine the art of traditional storytelling with new and emerging technologies in web, mobile and animation.


Le webdocu master Alexandre Brachet - Nouvelles technos - Télé

by sbrothier & 2 others
“Gaza/Sderot”, “La Cité des mortes”, “Prison Valley”… L'agence Upian, fondée en 1998 par le pionnier Alexandre Brachet, se fait une réputation avec des webdocumentaires ambitieux et engagés. Formes inédites, design irréprochable au service du sens et passion du travail bien fait devraient faire école sur la Toile.

FLYP - More than a magazine

by sbrothier & 3 others
Read. Watch. Listen. Interact FLYP is a dynamic online, multimedia magazine that combines text, video, audio, animation and interactivity into a new kind of storytelling.


Behind the Scenes of LENS :: digitalartwork – Multimedia Journalism

by sbrothier
A few people have been asking me how the LENS Blog on The New York Times site came to be and what software it was built on. I thought I’d shed a little light on the development process and answer some of these questions.

Interactive Narratives - The Best in Multimedia Storytelling and Multimedia Journalism

by sbrothier & 4 others
Interactive Narratives is designed to capture the best of online visual storytelling as practiced by online and print journalists from around the country and the world. Our goal is to highlight rich-media content, engaging storytelling, and eye-popping design in an environment that fosters interaction, discussion, and learning.

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