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February 2005

IOTBS: The Director's Cut

by LapinLove404
For those who have not seen it before, Invasion of the Body Switchers (IOTBS) is a modern style-sheet switcher, which offers independent switching of different media types, and supports an unlimited number of options and controls. It works in all modern graphical browsers except Mac/IE5 (with javascript enabled), and is available in a choice of user-interfaces:

Nicer Titles (neo-dzygn-com)

by tehu & 2 others
Script to make dynamic tooltips. See other : overLib

by mbertier (via) is one man's attempt to make the world of web building a better place. There are many, many tutorials already on the web that cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other technologies, but rarely do they focus on best practices or design theory. Filling that void is the goal of each article on the site.

January 2005

Utiliser des formulaires WYSIWYG - JDN Développeurs

by parmentierf
Une liste d'éditeur HTML Wysiwig... dont certains gratuits.

December 2004

November 2004

DC Flyby

by talou & 2 others
Encore de la navigation dans une image ! très intéressant pour une interface de carto, si ce n'est la taille de la seule et unique image utilisée...

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