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October 2008

Reader Guide To Lifehacker: Threaded Comments Now at Lifehacker

by sbrothier
After months of work behind the scenes, vague promises up front, and half-assed hacks, today we are very excited to take the wraps off exciting new stuff for Lifehacker commenters. In order to make having conversations with your fellow readers here easier, we've just rolled out a major revamp to our site commenting system. Fresh out of the oven, our all-new "threaded comments" system organizes comment replies more logically and makes discussing the post at hand—and other users' reactions to it—easier to do and digest. Hit up any post with comments to start tinkering with the new system yourself, or read on to get the full rundown of what's changed and why.

A visual guide to navigating blog comments | Blog |

by sbrothier & 1 other
I’ve made another improvement to the comments system, and this time I think it’s pretty innovative (well, I think the last one was as well, but I do like this one). This only works 100% correctly in Mozilla, and I’m not sure why. IE and Opera get 90% of the way there, and that’ll do until I figure out what the problem is. Anyway, on to the idea…

September 2008

August 2008

disambiguity » About

by sbrothier & 2 others
This blog is where I share what I’m passionate about and what’s currently got my attention in the realm of User Experience (UX), User Centred Design (UCD), Information Architecture (IA), Interaction Design (IxD), and Usability. I’m particularly interested in where these things intersect with Social Design and have a great interest in how social environments online shape us and how we shape them, and how we as designers should be getting involved in improving our social experience online. My name is Leisa Reichelt. I do freelance contextual research and user centred design. I’m based in London but have quite a bit of experience working remotely.

★, une version iPhone pour votre blog » Bonnes Pratiques, Web Mobile » Journal » Biologeek, l'avis d'un freelance passionné par le web et son évolution.

by parmentierf & 1 other
J'avais prévu de faire une version iPhone de ce site mais ça allait à l'encontre du One Web, j'ai donc réfléchi un moment et je suis arrivé à la conclusion qu'il ne m'était pas nécessaire d'avoir un site entier dédié à l'iPhone mais qu'une représentation des derniers billets serait suffisante.

June 2008

Design Shack - Inspirational CSS and Blog Design

by jerome & 21 others
Design Shack offers regular examples of great CSS, standards based design to help inspire and create. We feature any website which shows off some flair, and doesn't fit into the standard pattern we come to expect from CSS design. If you think you fit the requirements, check out our submission procedure.


by Guizbizet & 6 others
Patterns, fond répété pour sites

May 2008

Create Abstract Backgrounds in Illustrator | Vectips

by Mitternacht (via)
Blog de tutos sur Adobe Illustrator et le vectoriel en particulier

April 2008