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November 2005


by sachachua & 7 others
Yet another social bookmarking service

Writely - The Web Word Processor

by cascamorto & 124 others (via)
The Web Word Processor · Share documents instantly & collaborate real-time. Pick exactly who can access your documents. · Edit your documents from anywhere. Nothing to download -- your browser is all you need. · Store your documents securely online. Offsite storage plus data backup every 10 seconds. · Easy to use. Clean, uncluttered screens with a familiar, desktop feel.


by sachachua & 5 others
Social networking + bookmarking + blogging + photos + etc., all in yummy AJAX

October 2005

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August 2005

AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting [JavaScript & DHTML Tutorials]

by svartling & 12 others (via)
If your bookmarks contain even one Web development blog, you'll undoubtedly know that remote scripting is being touted as the new "future of the Web". Although I get the feeling that a few people are perhaps a little over-excited about it, the recent release of numerous high-profile Web applications that use remote scripting has shown that there are definite advantages to utilising these techniques in the creation of seamless Web applications, and to augment Web page functionality.

July 2005

June 2005

The Unofficial Web Applications List

by fastclemmy & 5 others
This site is dedicated to the growing volume of web applications out there. As I come across new web applications, I will keep adding them to the site. Meanwhile, do share with us your favorite web applications if you have any!

March 2005

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January 2005

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