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The Making of Fastbook: An HTML5 Love Story | Blog | Sencha

by srcmax & 2 others
When a team has problems with HTML5, it usually stems from the fact that they take a “website” development approach to building an app, and often don't use the right tools and architectures for application development. This is what we suspected about the Facebook HTML5 app. The way that app performed — slow loading, choppy user experience in the News Feed, low framerate — exhibited the usual symptoms.


by gregg & 1 other
HTML5 web app called inklewriter. So, without any coding expertise at all, and without much preplanned plot, either, you can simply start typing an interactive novel. It really is quite simple. Instead of concerning yourself with plot diagrams or dialogue trees, you simply begin typing your story. When you’ve reached a decision point, you just click “add option” and enter the appropriate text. (Consider, for example purposes, “Share the magical apple pie with the scary ghost” or “Bust out a proton pack and blow the ghost to smithereens.”)



How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App

by srcmax & 2 others

I’ll show you how to create an offline HTML5 iPhone application. More specifically, I’ll walk you through the process of building a Tetris game.

Understand The Web · Ben Ward

by marco & 3 others
Java, Flash, AIR and QT demonstrate right now that cross-platform applications are always inferior to the functionality and operation of the native framework on a host platform.

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