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13 March 2006

Fold - Your Web 2.0 Start Page

by jdrsantos & 14 others
Fold is a Web 2.0 start page that looks promising. The site aims to "consolidate most of the tools and information you need every day into a single web page." Hopefully this is more than just another RSS start page. I would love to see what Jeff Jarvis on


by jdrsantos & 13 others
Sort of like MY Yahoo!, this web-driven homepage allows one to add and customize modules such as bookmarks, RSS feeds, search engines and whatnot into their own page. Free but very new.....

07 February 2006


by jdrsantos & 3 others
WebCollab is a collaborative Web site for project workgroups. It aims to be easy and intuitive to use without being complicated or graphically intensive.

27 January 2006

14 January 2006

voo2do : simple, beautiful web-based to-do lists

by jdrsantos & 1 other
slick web-based task tracker based on Joel Spolsky's "Painless Software Scheduling" technique

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