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October 2006


by jackiege & 6 others
# 基于知识管理(KM)方式的个人空间# 矩阵式工作台,简约式个人主页# 20M免费附件空间# 以主题为聚合点的新形态社区# 个人空间与社区的无缝结合# 开放的系统

September 2006


by jackiege & 1 other
关于梦想的社区网站A "community dream blog" where you can store, sort, search and share your dream journal with others.

August 2006 - Share your digital life for free - photos, music, blog, faves and more!

by jackiege & 3 others
via WangTam/Uploaded audio files are placed in playlists called TuneFeeds that can be shared with others or played in your profile page. There’s a browser toolbar for adding URLs to your favorites list and otherwise working with your account from off si

Adoppt: Make Friends, Have Fun

by jackiege & 3 others
Adoppt is a community of online friends, diaries and journals. You can start your online journal (aka blog or weblog) for free, share thoughts and favorite web sites with your friends and meet cool new friends!

BabyPhotoBlog – photo-sharing for families

by jackiege
BabyPhotoBlog is an easy way to show your extended family just how fast your new addition is growing up.

Minti - Powered by Parents - parent to parent advice-opedia

by jackiege & 4 others
Minti is about advice, friendship and community for parents. Join for free, get your own family page, keep a blog and make friends with other members. Advance through the minti ranks by contributing advice, rating articles and writing comments.

blogku media—中国第一家 博客媒体

by jackiege & 2 others
Blogku media是中国第一家博客媒体,我们致力于发展中国博客互联网新文化。 引导中文博客新潮流!

July 2006

June 2006

Scrapblog - online scrapbooks

by jackiege & 16 others

by jackiege (via)

May 2006

by jackiege & 8 others

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