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January 2008

December 2007

Posteet: Store, share and tag your favourite tips, tricks, codes and snippets

by -Nicolas-
Store all your favourite tips, tricks, codes and snippets in one place, accessible from anywhere. Share your tips with everyone, with friends on your watchlist or just keep them private. Tag your tips with as many labels as you want, instead of wrestling with folders.

Five ways to innovate today » Invisible Inkling

by pbla
Ning, Vuvox, Mogulus, Twittergram, Mogulus, Youtube

November 2007

Viec lam, Tuyen dung, Tìm Kiếm Việc Làm & Tuyển Dụng, vieclam, timviec, tuyendung

by lamviec
This website is a recruiting website in Vietnam. The site is primarily in Vietnamese, but can also be viewed to some extent in English and Japanese.


by cyborgjeff & 43 others
outil web permettant de créer des previsualisation de liens

Deezer | Musique à la demande, musique gratuite et illimitée sans téléchargement!

by cyborgjeff & 55 others
Portail de musique permettant de créer ses playlists et de mettre facilement en ligne de contenu dans un blog

October 2007

Web2.0 Template

by springnet & 1 other
turns search results form google,, amazon, yahoo, etc into live running slideshow of websites that are "live" and browsable while the show is running.


by zagtag & 35 others
(share powerpoint presentations online, slideshows, slide shows, download presentations, widgets, MySpace codes)


by zagtag & 4 others
Got a great idea? Use our digital tools to make it real - then sell it to the world.

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