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26 September 2005 16:45

26 September 2005 16:30

1060 research - netkernal - quotes from the blogsphere

by macroron
John Udell (infoworld) I never heard the phrase "REST microkernel" before, but I had an immediate expectation of what that would mean. An hour's experimentation with the system met that expectation. Wildly interesting stuff.

26 September 2005 16:15

netKernel - service oriented microkernel and xml application server

by macroron
generalizes the principles of REST, the basis for the successful operation of the World Wide Web, and applies them down to the finest granularity of service-based software composition. The Web is the most scaleable and adaptive information system ever.

netKernel tour - system

by macroron
[rest] the term REpresentational State Transfer (REST) originates from the seminal work of roy t. fielding in retrospectively defining the core architectural principles of the world wide web.

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