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Why Blogs Need To Be Social - GigaOM

by benoit
Si seulement on pouvait avoir des outils de blogging corrects pour se passer de facebook and co...

去年的Twitter瘋,今年重現在FriendFeed? (Mr. 6)

by maple


symfony Web PHP framework » symfony Weblog » Is symfony too slow for real-world usage?

by kasi77
Let’s finish by saying that in most cases, symfony does not compete with RoR or Django. The choice is often between symfony, .Net and Java Struts, because these are the real alternatives for professional developments.

symfony Web PHP framework » symfony Weblog » Symfony forge beta is out

by kasi77
Thanks to the work of Jonathan Wage, the Symfony Forge is up for beta. From the home page of the site: Symfony-forge is a site dedicated to symfony plugins, software, and the community symfony users/developers. Here you will find complete API documentation for all plugins, a growing database of plugins to work with, and other misc. tools to help organize and guide the plugin development for symfony.

Accueil - DotClear - DotClear 2

by Flavien G & 57 others
Le script de blog le meilleur du monde [en français !]. Avec Doctlear, il vous suffit d'un hébergement et d'une base de donnée et vous avez votre blog entièrement personnalisable !

Drag & Drop Social Bookmark Link Generator

by crazy_chris (via)
Simply choose from 18 popular services (digg,, reddit, newsvine, ...), set the sort order, generate the links and put the code on your website or blog. You can also download the code with images as zip-file. Cool drag & drop interface (yui)!

Accueil - DotClear - DotClear 2

by xaad67 & 57 others
Outil de weblog français à installer sur son serveur. Il est distribué gratuitement selon les termes de la GNU General Public License


by hchicha & 1 other
Welcome to Cute News project page. Cute news is a powerful and easy for using news management system that use flat files to store its database. It supports comments, archives, search function, image uploading, backup function, IP banning, flood protection

danger blog influent

by Mital & 1 other (via)
Si j'en crois le billet de petitguigui : Just Blog IT selon Sandra Albertolli, un blog qui cumule 650 visiteurs uniques par jour est ainsi potentiellement interessant pour un réseau d'influence. Aye... moi qui pensait être peinard dans mon coin... ...

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