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November 2005

|| gotomobile || The mobile usability and user experience blog

by rudydw & 1 other (via)
The purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of both the cultural and technological trends shaping the wireless market from a usability and user centered point-of-view, and to outline best practices for incorporating these factors into the development and deployment of mobile products and services.


by sunny & 12 others
Un verificateur de liens sur un site qui crée par ailleurs un plan du site

Web Developer's Handbook: developing web-sites, exploring own imagination | CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc.

by fox_b & 182 others (via)

Web Essentials '05: Bringing a Web conference to the Web, by Jeffrey Veen

by bcpbcp (via)
"Last week I spoke at Web Essentials '05, an invigorating conference in Sydney, Australia. The folks attending were so engaged and excited"

October 2005

Webcredible - web usability & accessibility consultancy

by kalooni & 5 others
A web usability and accessibility consultancy based in London, UK

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

by Hydragon & 15 others
Weblogs are often too internally focused and ignore key usability issues, making it hard for new readers to understand the site and trust the author.

Backbase - Rich Internet Applications

by fox_b & 10 others (via)
Ajaxアプリケーションのソースとdemo AJAX – Rich Internet Applications Backbase provides Rich Internet Application (RIA) software that radically improves the usability and effectiveness of online applications, and increases developer productivity. With Backbase you can build web applications with a richer and more responsive user interface.

Functioning Form - AJAX Dialog Windows

by bcpbcp
Though we might not be seeing the death of the “page” in Web sites just yet, technologies like AJAX do enable Web-based interface designs to incorporate dynamic functionality within smaller, modular UI elements.

Ergonomie web et logiciel, architecture de l\'information, utilisabilité

by dièse & 13 others
Ergolab est un site de ressources en ergonomie web et logiciel. C'est une boîte à idées pour comprendre et appliquer l'ergonomie informatique. Vous y trouverez des contenus pour optimiser la qualité d'utilisation des interfaces.

September 2005

by faundez & 27 others
Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design

Usable Web

by Riduidel & 4 others
Remarkable list of web design links - bonnes pratiques qualit� en discussion

by Riduidel & 15 others
Tout une liste de bonnes pratiques à appliquer au développement d'un site web (avec différents niveaux de qualité).

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