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Get a better handle on Struts actions, with Spring

by jpcaruana
importing Struts applications into the Spring framework. Follow along as George shows you how to revamp Struts actions so they can be managed just like Spring beans. The result is a boosted web framework that easily reaps the benefits of Spring AOP.

Xebia Web Framework Contest par J2EE, Agilité et SOA : Le blog de Xebia France

by nhoizey
4 équipes ont développé la même application web, chacune avec un framework (très) différent. Les frameworks retenus étaient : Struts2, Google Web ToolKit (GWT), Wicket, My Faces (JSF).

Geek Speak: The Web Framework Hell

by jpcaruana (via)
Today, what does a developer do when they want to start a project from scratch? Do I go with JSF? Ruby on Rails? JRuby? Groovy on Rails? Struts 2? GWT? Flex?

2006 Sprinkle Some AJAX Magic in Your Struts Web Application

by jpcaruana (via)
AJAX is the latest revolution in web development circles, allowing rich dynamic interfaces deployed within a normal web browser. Struts has been one of the de facto standards for Java-Web development for a number of years, with a large number of applications already deployed. This article will show you how to combine the richness of an AJAX user interface with your existing Struts applications. This article shows a simple and elegant way to do this by including a couple of lines of JavaScript on your JavaServer Pages (JSPs). While we show how to reuse existing Struts actions, the techniques are equally applicable to the Java-Web framework of your choice. The method proposed will also allow a move to the next version of Struts (Shale) or JavaServer Faces (JSF) in the future.

Enterprise Java Community: Redirect After Post

by jpcaruana (via)
All interactive programs provide two basic functions: obtaining user input and displaying the results. Web applications implement this behavior using two HTTP methods: POST and GET respectively. This simple protocol gets broken when application returns web page in response to POST request. Peculiarities of POST method combined with idiosyncrasies of different browsers often lead to unpleasant user experience and may produce incorrect state of server application. This article shows how to design a well-behaved web application using redirection.


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