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Crypter une adresse email

by p.fassier & 4 others
Coder les adresses email sur les pages web pour qu'elles soient indétectables par les logiciels d'extraction


Droopy Creates Instant Servers for Large File Trading - Web apps - Lifehacker

by ghis (via)
Windows/Mac/Linux: Droopy is a Python script that creates a miniature, one-shot web server that lets anyone upload files through a web page straight to your computer, no matter the size.


JQuery File Upload Plugin Script - JQuery File Upload Script - Uploadify

by Xavier Lacot & 7 others
Uploadify is a jQuery plugin that allows the easy integration of a multiple (or single) file uploads on your website

Have unique descriptive page titles at Spindrop

by Xavier Lacot
A python script to determine how unique the page titles of a website are. For instance, "python"

Trac Improvements - Web Services - University Wiki

by Xavier Lacot
A collection of Greasemokey scripts that enhance the Trac user experience.


Login Panel, connexion du plus bel effet| Webmaster - Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet - Free Tools| Free Tools, Le meilleur des outils gratuits pour webmaster

by camel
Login Panel est un script original proposé par Web-kreation. Avec Login Panel, ajoutez en haut de votre page web un petit onglet, qui une fois “déplié”, vous demandera les informations de connexion classiques pour accéder à une zone personnelle. show hide login form Ce script s’appuie sur le Framework Mootools. Très simple à mettre en oeuvre, parfaitement réalisé, il ne vous faudra pas plus de 5 minutes pour le placer sur votre site internet. Et, ce script sera facilement “détournable”… pourquoi ne pas placer un “à propos de” ou panel avec vos sponsors ?

Tentakel to execute commands on multiple Linux or UNIX Servers

by camel
Many times, you want to execute a command not only on one server, but also on several servers. For example, find out * Version of kernel * Version of Apache web server * Update static html or images files on all web servers via rsync * Find out user information, server information, memory usage etc * Security/patch checking tentakel I have already covered how to execute commands on multiple Linux or UNIX servers via shell script. The disadvantage of script is commands do not run in parallel on all servers. However, several tools exist to automate this procedure in parallel. With the help of tool called tentakel, you run distributed command execution. It is a program for executing the same command on many hosts in parallel using ssh (it supports other methods too). Main advantage is you can create several sets of servers according requirements. For example webserver group, mail server group, home servers group etc. The command is executed in parallel on all servers in this group (time saving). By default, every result is printed to stdout (screen). The output format can be defined for each group.

IE WebDeveloper - DOM Inspector, Script Console, Logging messages and HTTP Monitor

by camel
IE WebDeveloper is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The rich web debugging toolset allows you to inspect and edit the live HTML DOM and current cascaded styles, evaluate expressions and display error messages, log messages, explore source code of webpage and monitor DHTML Event and HTTP Traffic.

An alternative to sIFR: Facelift Image Replacement | Breathe new life into your web pages

by camel & 13 others
Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR, pronounced fleer) is an image replacement script that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via Javascript and visible to all modern browsers. Any element with text can be replaced: from headers to span elements and everything in between!

Logmonster FAQ - The Network People, Inc.

by camel
Typical Scenario: You have a web server that serves your domain. You write a simple script to restart apache each night and pipe the logs off to your analyzer. It works. ISP/Hosting Scenario: Each server hosts many domains. You may also have load balanced servers (multiple machines) serving each domain. A tool like this is necessary to: 1. collect all the log files from each server 2. split the logs based on the virtual host(s) 3. discard invalid entries (phishing, referrer spam, etc) 4. sort them into chronological order 5. feed logs into analyzer 6. do something with the raw logs (compress, save to vhost dir, etc) [edit]

PHP Speedy |

by camel & 3 others
PHP Speedy is a script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages. Here’s an example, from a test page:

Create Disk Usage Reports with durep -- Ubuntu Geek

by camel
urep is a perl script used for disk usage reports. It can generate text output with bar graphs to allow easy comparisons of disk usage between directories. It can also generate web pages which can be navigated through the directory structure. This allows easy visual monitoring of disk usage. durep was designed for monitoring disk usage in a more visual way than du. The du program works fine but doesn’t allow a lot of control over how the results are displayed. This perl script is designed to produce output more useful for reports.


O'Reilly — Un lecteur de radios Web en Bash

by camel & 1 other
Nous vous présentons un petit script dédié à la période estivale. Ludique, il permet de lire les flux radio diffusés en streaming sur le Web. A cet effet, il présente une interface graphique qui s'intègrera parfaitement à l'environnement Gnome.

Ruby per applicazioni web

by runen
Manuale di Marco Ceresa sul linguaggio Ruby

PHP. Trucchi e segreti

by runen
Manuale di Jack Herrington sullo sviluppo di applicazioni web con PHP

documentation swfobject - Ressources Mediabox - Wiki

by hobbes & 4 others (via)
SWFObject: Script Javascript d'auto-détection du Player Flash

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