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Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Prism

by kasi77 & 10 others
Personal computing is currently in a state of transition. While traditionally users have interacted mostly with desktop applications, more and more of them are using web applications. But the latter often fit awkwardly into the document-centric interface of web browsers. And they are surrounded with controls–like back and forward buttons and a location bar–that have nothing to do with interacting with the application itself.

Bridging Desktop And Web Applications - A Look At Mozilla Prism

by marco (via)
New platforms like Adobe Air and Mozilla Prism are evolving that combine the benefits of Internet flow with the flexibility and power of desktop applications.


Installation et utilisation de Prism sous Linux - Tux-planet

by camel
Prism, anciennement appelé webrunner, est un petit navigateur mono-site dépourvu de toutes interfaces (pas de menus, pas de boutons, ...) le rendant ainsi ultra-rapide. Cet article explique comment l'installer et l'utiliser sur un système d'exploitation Linux. Le but principal de ce logiciel est donc de permettre à l'utilisateur d'accéder facilement et rapidement à des applications en ligne, qu'il consulte très régulièrement (webmail, lecteur de flux RSS ...). On se retrouve ainsi avec un programme qui réunit le meilleur des deux mondes : les applications desktop locales et les applications web en ligne.

Mozilla Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Prism

by Xavier Lacot & 10 others
Mozilla Labs is launching a series of experiments to bridge the divide in the user experience between web applications and desktop apps and to explore new usability models as the line between traditional desktop and new web applications continues to blur.


Alsacréations formations HTML / CSS et conception Web

by ethocom & 63 others, 3 comments
Alsacréations, conception de sites web conformes auw standards W3C et accessibles aux handicaps

OSCommerce CRE Loaded 6 Store

by ethocom
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by ethocom
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Flash Saving Plugin

by ethocom
Flash Saving Plugin (free) - save flash animation from Internet Explorer (or any IE-based browser) | Free Image Collections for Web Designers

by ethocom & 6 others
Free Stock Photo Sets for Web Designers. Instant downloads. No Registration Required. Flexible Terms of Use.

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