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February 2007 XUL-Enhanced Web Apps

by Xavier Lacot
This article presents a little-known use of XUL (Mozilla's user-interface language) and shows how to take advantage of its superior performance and accessibility over HTML while maintaining cross-browser compatibility.

January 2007

XForms in Firefox

by pvergain & 3 others
XForms makes development of Web-deployed applications faster and easier. XForms' clean architecture makes applications more robust, more scalable, faster, and more secure. Except for one little detail, developing with XForms would be a no-brainer. That detail is that no current browsers actually support XForms out of the box. Needless to say, this severely limits what you can do with XForms and where you can deploy them. However, there are workarounds. Browser plug-ins exist for both Windows® Internet Explorer® and Firefox that add XForms support to these market-leading browsers. XForms processors have also been written in Flash that can be deployed to any browser with a Flash runtime. Finally, there are server-side solutions that precompile all XForms markup to classic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and JavaScript programs. These solutions all have something to recommend them, but for first learning XForms the simplicity of support right in the browser really helps. You can write a piece of a form and then preview it. Then you can change it a little bit more and preview it again. If the form doesn't look quite right, tweak it a bit and reload. Server-side solutions like Chiba are good for deployment, but for learning nothing beats the rapid development cycle of a browser. Therefore, in this article I focus on using the Mozilla XForms plug-in in Firefox.

December 2006

November 2006

UrlParams | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

by parmentierf & 2 others
Shows you the GET and POST parameters of the current website in the sidebar. You can alter their values, add new parameters, switch get/post and more.

Adobe to donate script code to Mozilla - CNET

by plasticdreams
In the largest code handoff since its formation, makers of Firefox will get Adobe's script "virtual machine."

October 2006

Démocratisons les Systèmes d'Information Géographique

by simo
Le but de l'équipe 3Liz est de fournir une boîte à outils permettant de concevoir des logiciels de SIG (Systèmes d'Information Géographique) de manière simple et rapide. Cette boîte à outils (ou toolkit), MozMapTK , est un projet OpenSource basé sur le navigateur Internet Mozilla Firefox.

La seconde guerre du web n'aura pas lieu - da scritch blog zone

by Monique & 3 others
"Ce texte est issu d'une réflexion personnelle, celle de l'évolution du web entre Mozilla M14 (une des premières versions issu du code source libéré par Netscape) et Firefox 2.0. Ceci n'est que pure spéculation, écrit par une personne totalement partisane. Il est très probable que les choses auraient évolué d'un tout autre côté, que la seconde guerre aie finalement eu lieue ou que votre avis soit violemment contraire au mien. C'est pour ça que les commentaires sont ouverts."

Firefox Portable |

by parmentierf & 8 others
Mozilla Firefox - Portable Edition (formerly Portable Firefox) is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser packaged with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you.

September 2006

pure C# 技術社群 - 遵循標準

by purecs
我計畫再過幾個月要買一台新的桌上型電腦,這台電腦要有最新最酷的硬體配備及超大容量的記憶體,這樣我用它來開發程式的時後就可以同時開起Vistal Studio、SQL2005還有VM而不會感到想抓狂,我會給它配上夠快的3D顯示卡,拿它來玩刺激的遊戲絕對是種享受,實在是太美妙啦。

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