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Home | Konigi

by jdrsantos & 5 others
News, resources, and tools for interface designers


Spotify arrive sur le web and nothing else matters- Ecrans

by shadoko & 1 other
Vingt millions d’utilisateurs et cinq millions d’abonnés, ça se fête. Spotify a profité de ces beaux nombres ronds pour annoncer, hier soir, une petite série de nouveautés...


Boxtuffs - Des éléments d'interfaces ergonomiques en CSS3 et XHTML - La Ferme du web

by eledo34
Boxtuffs est un site proposant plusieurs widgets / éléments d'interfaces web très design, réalisés en XHTML & CSS3 et téléchargeables gratuitement.


iPad: Scroll or Card?

by nhoizey
"Should you scroll or flip pages on the screen?"

Matias Gallipoli

by gregg
portfolio, web design, front-end development, user interface design and more...

SketchyPad for iPad

by oseres
We are proud to offer you a new app for website sketching and apps interface making, including iPhone and iPad apps. This app will make designers, programmers, interface designers life much easier. Easy-to-use interface and a lot of various stencils will help you to mockup any web sites and soft interfaces.

UKI — Simple UI Kit for complex web apps

by ghis & 6 others
Uki is a fast and simple JavaScript user interface toolkit for desktop-like web applications. It comes with a rich view-component library ranging from Slider to List and SplitPane.

ignore the code: Realism in UI Design

by nhoizey
"Graphical user interfaces are full of symbols. Symbols need to be reduced to their essence. This helps avoid cluttering the user interface with meaningless distractions, and makes it easier for people to «read» the symbol and figure out the meaning of an interface element."


Prezi - The zooming presentation editor

by HK & 19 others
Prezi is zooming sketches on a digital napkin. It's visualization and storytelling without slides. Your ideas live on stage and on the web. Have you ever wondered about presenting your thoughts as free as they come? Ever got tired of creating a slideshow? It's been said, that the best innovations come from people who are unhappy with the tools they use. We realized that our ideas won't fit into slides anymore. Putting together creative thinking and technology expertise, we have created Prezi, a living presentation tool.

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils

by HK & 1 other
Chicago-based agency ranked as the 9th largest worldwide agency in 1998. Site provides full corporate information, credentials, portfolio, and services.

nastuh | visual effects artist |

by HK & 1 other
Site allemand montrant en split screen des séquences video avant/après post prod, avec zone déplaçable, belle navigation et variations taille écran :


by nhoizey
"MockFlow is an online tool for creating wireframes of software and websites. It helps to enhance your planning process by enabling to quickly design and share interactive UI mockups."

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