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by nhoizey & 17 others
Converticon is a simple icon utility. It can import ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats and export to high-quality PNG or ICO files. There is no software to download and it's 100% free.

Genfavicon. Free Online Favicon Generator. Icon Generator.

by nhoizey & 20 others
Browse to the file's location on your computer to select the image and press "Upload Image" button to generate a favicon for your site


Des milliers d’icônes | PNG | logos | aiXo

by Conseil.Net Groupe I.D.A & 10 others
Dans la même veine que les 20 outils pour tout tester sur votre site, voici mes favoris pour trouver des icônes et des PNG de grande qualité. Certains sont plutôt orientés icônes pour le bureau, les docks et d’autres contiennent de vrais trésors pour les webmasters.


Fresh Badge Generator -

by zagtag & 1 other
Create Very Web 2.0 Badges - FREE!

Rediscovering the Button Element

by camel & 15 others
Creating a consistent interface for your users is a constant struggle for every application designer. Building consistency on the web is especially tough because the visual rendering differences across browsers and operating systems are wildly different and almost arbitrary in what can and cannot be done. No where does this become more apparent than when you’re dealing with form elements and the biggest loser of them all in the battle for a standardized look is the infamous Submit button. As is, the input with the type=”submit” is either too ugly (Firefox), a little buggy (Internet Explorer) or completely inflexible (Safari). The solution for most is to use image inputs and create the damn things ourselves. And it’s unfortunate, because then we’re reduced to the tedious tasks of opening up Photoshop every time we’re in need of a new button. What we need is something better—something more flexible and meant for designers. Lucky for us, the solution already exists and all it needs is a little love. My friends, let me introduce you to my little friend : the "button" element.

Freebies Round-Up: Icons, Buttons and Templates

by zagtag & 8 others (via)
des sites fournis en icones et boutons "Web 2.0"

Web 2.0 Webdesign-Tutorials

by zagtag & 43 others
Achtung, liste de tutoriaux/tutoriels pour réussir visuellement vos sites dans la mouvance 2.0

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