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July 2011

June 2011

Tumult Hype

by jpcaruana & 1 other
Using Tumult Hype, you can create beautiful HTML5 web content. Animations and interactive content made with Tumult Hype works on desktops, smartphones and iPads. No coding required

May 2011

TweeterFall – Web Workers

by Xavier Lacot
A web workers tutorial, for implementing a Twitter fall in a web page.

April 2011

Firefox 4 : le point sur le support des standards

by astrochoupe
HTML5, CSS3 et JavaScript, tour d'horizon des standards et technologies Web pris en charge par la nouvelle version du navigateur Open Source de la fondation Mozilla.

January 2011

December 2010

URL Design — Warpspire

by ghis & 1 other
Good practices in designing URLs.

h5o - Project Hosting on Google Code

by nhoizey
"The current (Nov, 2009) HTML5 draft defines quite a precise algorithm, for producing an outline for HTML documents. h5o is an implementation of the algorithm in JavaScript."

November 2010

September 2010

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