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HTML5 Doctor, helping you implement HTML 5 today

by ghis & 2 others
Blog pour aider à utiliser dès à présent HTML5.

HTML5 Evolution

by xibe & 1 other

Google’s role is not free from the perception of conflict of interest, and that coupled with Ian’s endorsed role as a dictator will affect the credibility of the outcome produced. In particular, it will give Microsoft all of the excuse it needs to avoid implementing the standards. (Not that eliminating that excuse will magically cause Microsoft to participate…)

by greut

The Burst Engine is an OpenSource vector animation engine for the HTML5 Canvas Element. Burst provides similar web functionality to Flash and contains a layer based animation system like After Effects. Burst uses a very light-weight JavaScript frame, meaning your animations will download unnoticably quick and can be controlled using very simple JavaScript methods. For example: the [-] logo above is a Burst animation attached to a mouseOver event using the following code...

canvas is the next Flash or not


X/HTML 5 Versus XHTML 2

by -Nicolas- & 2 others (via)
La compétition s'intensifie pour devenir le nouveau langage de balisage pour le Web. L'article suivant discute des aspects cool et pas cool des technologies qui font concours.

2007 : Dear WHAT WG and HTML 5 WG

by tehu
translate : "Je voudrai pousser un cri : ..... "

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