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Ozmozr - Absorb the Web

by calang & 3 others
OsmoseRSS is an RSS aggregator that leverages the power of social collaborative filtering through tagging. It is a project under development at the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning that allows people to import, store, share and manage RSS feeds in bulk or individually. These RSS feeds can come from blogs, bookmark sharing sites such as, photo sharing sites such as flickr, open educational resource sites, news sites, and any other RSS-producing source. In addition to its functionality as an aggregator, OsmoseRSS encourages social interaction to help users find others with similar interests. Users tag RSS feeds as they add them to OsmoseRSS. When the RSS feeds are pulled into OsmoseRSS, the system processes the incoming data for tags embedded in the data and includes those tags as part of the description of each entry. Just like and flickr, those tags are exposed to the entire community. Users can then find other resources that have been tagged with keywords that are of interest. In addition, the source of each feed is tracked so that users can find and connect with people with similar interests. This exposes users to content that is being added by other individuals and to the individuals who are producing data. This results in a relatively high likelihood of discovery of other data or people who are of interest. OsmoseRSS encourages the formation of groups where users with similar ideas or interests can gather to share open resources. Groups inside OsmoseRSS can share resources, collaboratively filter and rank resources, review one another's work, create a shared folksonomy, and discover new people and resources. Within a group a user may contribute RSS feeds filtered by tags or vote on resources provided by other users. In addition, if a resource is found that is critical for the group the group may create a static link that always remains. Examples, of this type of resource include a group FAQ or a link to a discussion forum. Any user of the system may create groups. Instead of discarding old data, OsmoseRSS retains the data provided by RSS feeds. The advantage of this strategy is that all data from all RSS feeds is available to make recommendations and for users to search. This approach ensures that once a resource is tagged users will have access to it in the future.

2006 - Live from the Web | Search & Read official Music News - Band Directory - Archive

by slogoo & 4 others
搜索和阅读最新的音乐新闻的站点. 从官方音乐站点和杂志收集各类最新的音乐新闻, 以便用户可以在同一个页面上阅读这些新闻.


by slogoo & 5 others
OPML增加新的RSS新闻聚合. 包括一个先进的Podcast播客, 可以播放视频文件, 也包括一个"阅读清单", 允许用户订阅别人推荐的内容.


by sunny & 3 others
Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique new feed!

by markpasc uselessly trifurcates reading new links

HTML Image Feeds for your Blog

by tagtooga
Demonstrates how to use HTML image feeds from


by fleuree
KlipFolio is a personal dashboard that uses Klips to intelligently monitor remote data sources -- such as weather, stocks, Hotmail, news, RSS feeds and even auctions...

FeedTier - RSS Web Feed Generator for Web Pages without Syndication

by fleuree & 6 others
FeedTier is a web feeds generator for web pages without an existing syndication format.


Feed Icons

by andyparasite & 79 others, 1 comment
Icone per rendere riconoscibili i propri feeds secondo lo standard

Feed Icons - Help establish the new standard

by sunny & 79 others, 1 comment
Unissons pour utiliser une et une seule icône standardisée pour les fils de syndication RSS & co

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