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The Web Blend

by jdrsantos
"The Web Blend is a community for designers, developers and tech junkies that keeps you current with a summary of the latest in web related news and trends. "



Behance Network :: Gallery

by HK & 19 others
A free platform for the world's leading creative professionals.

by piouPiouM & 5 others
Elgg est un logiciel de réseau social libre distribué sous licence open source.


Whiz - 55 - Male - Married :: Without friends, we're nothing! on FUPEI ::

by Whiz (via)
Been looking for Whiz(me) and only found women, horses, flowers, ski mobiles, other NON-RELEVANT trash. Well, the "Whiz Fans are working on that problem for you. It will become easier to find an OFFICIAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC Whiz on the web. And yes I take a wiz like every one else.

99designs » Leading Designer Marketplace for Logo Designs and More…

by oqdbpo & 4 others
Need something designed? 99designs connects clients needing design work such as logo designs, business cards or web sites to a thriving community of 12,125 talented designers.

CSS Variables

by greut

Since the release of CSS Level 2 Recommendation ten years ago in may 1998, the Web authors' community has been requesting a way of defining variables in CSS. Variables allow to define stylesheet-wide values identified by a token and usable in all CSS declarations. If a value is often used in a stylesheet - a common example is the value of the color or background-color properties - it's then easy to update the whole stylesheet statically or dynamically modifying just one variable instead of modifying all style rules applying the property/value pair.



by roulian
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide free and open community focused on improving the security of application software. Our mission is to make application security "visible," so that people and organizations can make informed decisions about application security risks. Everyone is free to participate in OWASP and all of our materials are available under an open source license. The OWASP Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable organization that ensures the ongoing availability and support for our work. You'll find everything about OWASP here on our wiki. Please feel free to make changes and improve our site. There are hundreds of people around the globe who review the changes to the site to help ensure quality. If you're new, you may want to check out our getting started page. Questions or comments should be sent to one of our many mailing lists. Or you can contact us directly at [email protected] If you like what you see here and want to support our efforts, please consider becoming a member.


by roulian & 29 others
imeem is an online community where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends.


Building a Community, Byte by Byte

by GodSigmA
Start-Up Weekend Brings Strangers Together to Launch an Internet Company

austin 2.0

by springnet
Austin 2.0 joins people primarily in Austin, TX interested or involved in Web 2.0 technology, companies, or who simply enjoy the Web 2.0 lifestyle.


by jdrsantos & 2 others
WebTuga: Uma comunidade nacional que pretende facilitar a vida aos utilizadores na Web.

The "OFFICIAL WHIZ" on MySpace

by Whiz (via)
Looking for "The Whiz" look no further. A lot of people are looking for Whiz, but can't find him in the midst of all the wanna-bees on myspace. No worries. Myspace has room for all, Communities of people are looking for any actual Whiz Info, very often in vain, but Whiz can be found! Just be tenacious in your search. Do not get WIZed-OFF, be patient.


by Whiz (via)
Looking for the Whiz for ever, look no further. Yea, I know a lot of you are Looking for him and finding a lot of IRRELEVENT results for Whiz! Sorry about that. His name seems to be very popular. But you won't find any of those wanna-bee/fake Whizs' here. And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either. This site is for all of us Whiz Fans, to get together and maybe find some information on "The OFFICIAL WHIZ"! Yes people are actualy faking Official Whiz community Clubs" now!

OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Site on FACEBOX

by Whiz (via)
Just another OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Site. Personal, but hey who knows you might learn something about being an ACTUAL Whiz. Who knows you may even find a Whizette here. Post some pics, song or some other type of media.


by Whiz (via)
Only a few places to Find An OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC WHIZ on the web. One of them is on! So many wanna-Bees and FAKES, so few to be like HIM. There may be WHIZETTES, but NO OFFICIAL WHIZ communities. Most of them went to some school to imulate a whiz, but we know a whiz is ALWAYS a natural and he ALWAYs is adaptable at more than just one subject, give me a break! And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either.

GROU.PS | The Social Groupware Innovator

by pallefs & 6 others
Get a FREE Web Site For Your Social Group Share photos, bookmarks, to-dos, blog entries, notes, souvenirs, locations... Stay in touch via SMS, email and online chat... No duplicate efforts! Synch with Y! Groups, Blogger,, Flickr and others... Fully integrated with your mobile phone and desktop!

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