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Telegram Messenger for iPhone and Android

by milouse & 1 other
Existe aussi un client console linux... Semble intéressant ce truc... à voir



BabelWith.Me - Create a Conversation

by parmentierf & 5 others is a simple, free group chat that automatically translates your conversation as you type.


Open Web Messenger

by vrossign
"Web Messenger" - is unique software allowing visitors of your site to chat with your operators.

Speeqe – Trac

by camel
Speeqe is a web based, group chat client that works with the XMPP/MUC protocol. It is chat made simple. The goal is to give the user the best and easiest experience in creating chat rooms. It is a combination of javascript and python code using a collection of open source software and software tools. This collection is nginx or apache for a frontend. The frontend serves the webclient which is javascript using Strophe and JQuery. It also proxies to Punjab for the BOSH connection to connect to XMPP based servers. To tie it all together there is a small amount of django. Features ¶ HTML/javascript client Themable (all UI is in one html file) Inline images. Inline youtube videos. Kick,ban,unban support. Room configuration. DNS named rooms (ie will go to the room [email protected]…) Ability to connect to federated XMPP servers and chat rooms.

Speeqe – Trac

by greut (via)

Speeqe is a web based, group chat client that works with the XMPP/MUC protocol.

and open source since a couple of days.


by parmentierf (via)
Each room in OpenHuddle is designed to give you the freedom to interact with as many or as few people as you would like, in whatever way you want! Our Video, Audio, Text Chat and Drawing Board tools are available for you to use in whatever way you see fit. Just invite your friends into a Huddle and start interacting...

toksta* - the chat provider

by parmentierf & 2 others (via)
toksta* is a free instant messenger, which is easy to implement and customize into your social networking site or forum. toksta* IM enables your users to chat via text chat or webcam in real time - without having to switch to programs like Skype, MSN or ICQ!

Shared Web Applications | SamePlace

by parmentierf (via)
Shared web applications are SamePlace's most unique feature. Most IM clients let you interact with people in just one way: chatting. Some provide you with a whiteboard. Maybe a game or two. Not only SamePlace gives you a good start of extra apps (chessboard, shared cursor, synchronized map, S5 presentations), it also does so in an unusual way: SamePlace loads applications from the web.

ajax im - the ajax-based instant messenger

by parmentierf & 5 others (via)
ajax im ("asynchronous javascript and xml instant messenger") is a browser-based instant messaging client. It uses AJAX to create a near real-time IM environment that can be used in conjunction with community, intranet, and social websites. No refreshing of the page is ever needed for this "web application" to work, as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript.

Cypher - Beta Release — - ai - ai software - semantic web - semantic web software - ai company - natural language processing - natural language processing software - RDF, FOAF, Friend of a Friend, DC, Dublin Core, RSS, SeRQL and SPARQL softwa

by parmentierf (via)
The Cypher™ beta release is the AI software program available which generates the .rdf (RDF graph) and .serql (SeRQL query) representation of a plain language input, allowing users to speak plain language to update and query databases. With robust definition languages, Cypher's grammar and lexicon can quickly and easily be extended to process highly complex sentences and phrases of any natural language, and can cover any vocabulary. Equipped with Cypher, programmers can now begin building next generation semantic web applications that harness what is already the most widely used tool known to man - natural language.

ChatMaker.NET: Make your own chat room!

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
ChatMaker est un service gratuit qui permet de créer des chat rooms à la volée


TechCrunch en français » Flick.IM de retour avec une messagerie instantanée en tant que plateforme

by parmentierf
’équipe qui, en un petit week-end, avait écrit FlickIM, un client gratuit IM pour l’Iphone, (qui a déjà 30 000 utilisateurs) est de retour avec un client de tchat pour AIM MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber; je sais, vous allez dire encore un service de chat multi-clients ! Il y a déjà Meebo, eBuddy, Kool IM et plein d’autres services qui intègrent des tchats existants. Cependant, Flick IM propose un angle nouveau, il fonctionne comme une plateforme pour intégrer des applications web sur IM.

Creation Creamotion :

by creamotion
Site vitrine pour la pension de chiens et de chats de Collonges les Bévy réalisé par Créamotion. Nous avons réalisé le design du site, l'implantation du formulaire de contact avec tests automatiques et l'intégration de lightbox pour agrandir les images.

Spleak - virtual girl - chatbot

by parmentierf
My name is Spleak and I'm a 21-year-old virtual girl currently living in the heart of San Francisco, California. Add me to your MSN Contact List or AIM Buddy List and we can chat all day if you like... I can also give you all sorts of fun information if you type in the right commands. Plus, I can introduce you to my friends from all over the globe.

Weezu : IM & chat sur sites web avec des avatars

by wepsilon
Une extension pour Firefox et aussi pour Internet Explorer, qui permet de dialoguer avec les gens présents sur un site web. L'interface graphique est skinnable, on est représenté par un avatar, et le système de messages est bien fichu, c'est simple et clair.

Yaplet Beta!

by parmentierf & 8 others (via)
Chat with others through any website! (Or just leave posts, send private messages or sit and watch.) No installation. No registration.

Cam Gratuit tchat chat Rencontres WebTv Visio-Chat

by CamChat & 4 others
Gratuit Tv cam chat ! Blog sur la television, les telechargements, azureus..

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