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Service-workers-101: An infographic to summarize the most important parts

by geoffrey & 1 other
Service-workers-101: An infographic to summarize the most important parts of the Service Workers’ API

Front-end Guidelines Questionnaire: Writing consistent & cohesive code

by geoffrey & 1 other
Front-end Guidelines Questionnaire: Writing consistent & cohesive code.

High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly)

by geoffrey & 1 other
This book is required reading for anyone who cares about web performance; it's already established as the go-to reference on the topic. —Mark Nottingham (IETF HTTPBis Chair)


We are Fi – The Multi–Award Winning Digital Design Agency

by manu
Since 1999, Fi has been the leading digital design agency for the worlds leading brands. Based in New York, San Francisco, London, Stockholm.





Creative Developments Web Design And Video Editing

by kurson
Creative Developments web design and video editing. Services offered: website design, Flash animation, e-commerce, SEO marketing, search engine optimization, video post production, video editing, DVD creation. Location: Tempe, AZ.

A Flex SOA Grails backend with rich GWT frontend UI widgets

by solrac
In this article you will build a Web application using Grails and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). You will also use some richer UI widgets from the Ext GWT library. Familiarity with Groovy is great, but not completely necessary.


Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor

by rike_ & 3 others
Starting with version 2.0, the YUI Compressor is also able to compress CSS files by using a port of Isaac Schlueter's regular-expression-based CSS minifier.

minify - Google Code

by rike_ & 11 others
a PHP5 app that can combine multiple CSS or Javascript files, compress their contents (i.e. removal of unnecessary whitespace/comments), and serve the results with HTTP encoding (gzip/deflate) and headers that allow optimal client-side caching.

Facebook Applications

by wiliamau
Wiliam web design and development offering catered facebook application development to help estabilsh your brand connection in the largest social networking portal on the web.


Download free CSS templates - Free CSS Templates

by brianwaustin & 20 others
A great web developer's resource for free CSS files for use in templates

Enunciate is a Web service deployment framework

by pvergain (via)
Enunciate is a Web service deployment framework. It is not another Web service stack implementation. Rather, Enunciate leverages existing Web service technologies to provide a mechanism to build, package, deploy, and to clearly, accurately deliver your Web service API on the Java platform. Enunciate's novel approach to Web service development centers around leveraging all components of an API that are definied and maintained in original source code (as opposed to only those that are defined by compiled bytecode). This means that Web service development is done completely in source code, where it can be maintained using your favorite IDE and where the development entry barrier is low. However, by starting with original source code, Enunciate avoids the interoperabilty issues of code-first development by forcing developers at compile time to reconcile any ambiguities or other potential hazards in the formal contract. This model is formalized as the "compiled contract" development model. Currently, Enunciate generates code for the Java 1.4 platform and the Java 5 platform, but has plans to add modules that generate code for the .NET and C/C platforms in the future. Consult the roadmap for information on other modules in the pipe and how you can help.

Web Design Forum

by Jayant
Are you a web designer looking for an internet location catering to tech savvy members? If so, we cordially invite you to visit CSSChat Forums

Planning a layout out with CSS

by xAegis
This is a very essential part of coding tableless. You don’t want to get half way done and do one thing which ruins the whole layout.

Layout - Tables or DIV's?

by xAegis
A question that comes across every developers mind on the web when they start to create a web page or layout. They both have there advantages and disadvantages at time and both are very useful when creating a web page.

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