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My One Day as a Cam Girl

by kp2575 (via)
In my blog yesterday I announced my desire to be a female cam whore. I have to confess though the blog is like a year old. I had to bring it back in order to write this blog. It’s a confession of sorts about my day as a cam whore. Please remember these events took place months ago. Youngwetbitches.fak hired me for a day. They thought I would bring something different to the table, that I would be the only cam girl that resembled Jeremy Piven. Apparently they thought it would be a good marketing approach. I agreed to do a six-hour shift. Here is my running diary.

Watch 120 live online TV channels for free

by lopis & 1 other, 1 comment
Here is a web site where you can watch over 120 free live online TV channels in your browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. These tv channels are about: news, weather, education, music, funny, entertainment, games, reality, lifestyle, sport, cartoon, movies, travel, fashion, adult.


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