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Video search engine

by fxbis
Owaks is a video search engine. Another one would you say? What makes it special? We could say that having more than 170 millions videos across hundreds of websites makes it attractive. That our search algorithm makes your search more efficient and relevant than others. That providing you with a powerful refining tool enables you to find your videos quicker. But let's only say that we did our best to provide you with the most exclusive functionalities in a simple and clear user interface and this is definitely what makes it so special.



by nachilau & 2 others
Listen to your home music library from anywhere through your browser with web site JukeFly


Creation Creamotion :

by creamotion
Site du groupe de musique Even réalisé par créamotion. Nous avons réalisé l'intégration du gestionnaire de Blog Wordpress 2.1 et de différents modules, la création d'un template pour wordpress et fait en sorte que ce site respecte les normes web du w3c

site Musicovery - Europe/USA

by tyteu & 53 others
JUKE BOX. Web 2.0 site musical excellent : morceaux commerciaux en entiere écoute et graphe heuristique dynamique pour cartographier les morceaux. Prenant - social media cataloging

by jpcaruana & 12 others (via)
In case you couldn't (or wouldn't) figure out what we do, we are here to provide the masses (but mostly ourselves) a place to catalog our media collection, whether it be books, DVDs, CDs... This allows you greater flexibility with your collection. And we're more than just that. We're providing a place for the packrats to commune and orate.


by kuruzman & 3 others
Upload and share mp3 files


XMusicVideos - Free music videos online

by sweetadyus & 2 others
XMusicVideos is a site about music videos. Users can choose to watch music videos and videoclips from an archive of more than 10000 music videos, for free.

XMusicVideos - Watch music videos

by john543 & 2 others
XMusicVideos is a site about music videos. Users can choose to watch music videos and videoclips from an archive of more than 10000 music videos, for free.


by bjm
a web site dedicated to news and information about usher

The Plugg - Music, Movies, Arts and Entertainment

by chilkat
The Plugg enables users to submit links to blogs or sites they find interesting, and put them up for a public vote. The community then votes for the articles, allowing the most voted for items to work their way up to the front page.

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