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April 2007

Mobile Bookmark engine

by avirads
Moblify is a server side store of bookmarks. Moblify is equivalent to any of the web 2.0 Bookmarking sites but will on the mobile domain (mobile 2.0). And thats the reason why its mobile site is named standing for Web and Mobile 2.0. It works with any web URL, WAP site and .mobi site and uses the best mobile transcoders available in the market and tap-reduce mechanisms to achieve this. Moblify is also a bookmark engine that will store all your bookmarks for use on any mobile browser or device. And best of all, it is FREE. For more details, visit WAP URL :

March 2006

Press Releases with Podcasting, Video Tagging, Social Bookmarking and SEO

by websitepro
Media Frenzy is a newswire service using the latest Web 2.0 technologies to communicate news to the media - podcasting, video press releases, folksonomy, social bookmarking, wap and rss

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