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15 April 2007

14 April 2007

ConverStations: Business Blogs as Conversation Stations

by springnet
If you're interested in starting a blog for your business or yourself, this course will offer the basics of blogging. A four-week course that will help you discover the power, the purpose, and the practices of blogging (from both writer and reader perspec

13 April 2007

AustinBlogger » Blog Archive » Amber and Leo on Twitter and Jaiku

by springnet
What is the price of presence? Well you can have it simple and have twitter. It’s a no brainer to get up and running. You can tweet away instantly and give everyone of your followers updates. And you can follow your friends.

ReactOS Homepage - Frontpage

by springnet & 4 others
ReactOS® is an advanced free open source operating system providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft Windows® XP compatible operating system. ReactOS aims to achieve complete binary compatibility with applications and device drivers

Google Maps Mania

by springnet & 43 others
An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

12 April 2007

Austinite is most popular person on Twitter, says; as Imus furor continues, MSNBC drops show simulcast; fire destroys Johnny Cash's lakeside Tennessee home.

by springnet
Paul Terry Walhus, a local technology manager for Jo's Hot Coffee and the Hotel San José, was called the most popular person on Twitter in a story published Tuesday.

Open Source Directory

by springnet & 17 others
Mapping the open source world by collecting objective information on open source projects.

11 April 2007

Twitterment::What are we twittering?

by springnet
laporte squares off against springnet on twitterment.... ok, that's cheating because Laporte left twitter.... today Slate calls springnet the most popular twitter


by springnet
jenka[at]thedolab[dot]com great social identity consulting blog

The allure of Twitter, the latest Web sensation. - By Michael Agger - Slate Magazine

by springnet
Paul Terry Walhus, an Austin coffee-shop blogger who has 8,789 friends and 1,722 followers, is currently the most popular person on the site.

Showcase - Features

by springnet
shows all your firefox tabs in one windows of thumbnailed web pages... cool!

10 April 2007

by springnet
This site focuses on the social side, the people, the parties and the events of this ‘bubble’ some call Web 2.0.

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