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June 2012

The top 8 web standards myths debunked | Feature | .net magazine

by Monique

Lea Verou takes a look at some of the misconceptions of web standards, what the W3C and its working groups actually do and how the standardisation process works

April 2012

March 2012

L’évaluation de l’accessibilité des sites Web selon le W3C |

by Monique

Le W3C a publié le 27 mars 2012 un « early draft » d’une méthode harmonisée d’évaluation des sites web. Bonne nouvelle, en apparence, mais on y trouve une petite phrase de rien du tout, qui pourrait bien s’avérer lourde de conséquences.

Flipcards sur les Bonnes Pratiques du Web Mobile (MWBP)

by Spone
Ces flipcards sur les Bonnes Pratiques du Web Mobile résument le standard W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0. Les flipcards sont conçues comme un pense-bête ludique des soixantes bonnes pratiques définies plus en détails dans la spécification.

January 2012

Les 5 mythes et vérités de HTML5 - Alsacreations

by Monique & 1 other
Pour avancer en gardant les pieds sur terre

December 2011

How design could save the W3C — an article by Ben Schwarz

by Monique

While preparing my HTML workshop, I’ve been re-reading W3C specs in far further detail than I ever would’ve imagined. The reading experience is far from delightful. Not only is the text the entire browser width in measure, but it’s dense and laborious to read. No wonder browser vendors have traditionally missed subtle details.

October 2011

September 2011

August 2011

June 2011

May 2011

W3C mobileOK Checker

by srcmax & 6 others
Is your Web site mobile-friendly?

Hash URIs - W3C Blog

by marco
There’s been quite a bit of discussion recently about the use of hash-bang URIs

January 2011

W3C HTML5 Logo

by Monique & 5 others
Logos, autocollants, t-shirts...

Navigation Timing

by Xavier Lacot
This brand new specification defines an interface for web applications to access timing information related to navigation and elements. When implemented, this will help track web pages frontend performance.

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