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08 June 2004 12:45

The non-world non-wide non-web

by tehu
When a W3C employee affirms *JavaScript is the worst invention ever*, don't expect Brendan Eich to say cool things about the Consortium.

04 June 2004 10:00

Atom/W3C redux

by François Hodierne
Matt May about Atom and W3C

31 May 2004 14:15

Atom and Cool URIs: dogma, idealism, expediency

by tehu
Tim is right. Mark is wrong. But in real world, cool URIs don't rule the Web. So Mark is right. *Argh c'est pas cool ça*

18 May 2004 17:30

18 May 2004 17:00

13 May 2004 20:00

W3C jumps in the Atom train

by tehu & 1 other
This Atom thing is mature now. I think they can present it to the UN. Take a chance.

13 May 2004 17:45

Dave Winer : I am a former member of the W3C advisory board.

by tehu
lapse of the week, hmmm ? Sorry i can't wait until 10:00PM PST :-)

13 May 2004 17:15

04 January 2004 22:00

10 July 2003 10:15

Apprenez à fabriquer une spécification XML avec Tim Bray

by François Hodierne
I cooked up a RelaxNG schema for Pie/Not-Echo or whatever you want to call it, in its 0.1 snapshot form. Which, as a side-effect, generates a W3C XML Schema. This note includes specific conmmentary on this schema, general commentary on schemas (summary: Why would you ever use XML Schema?), and some recommendations for pruning Pie/Not-Echo.

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