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File I/O

by greut, 1 comment

This document describes an interface for an abstract File I/O interface where web applications can interact with a file system, without any prior knowledge about the underlying filesystem. This interface can be used for e.g. an image preview before submitting a form or for saving a drawing from a canvas painting web application locally.

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Signal to noise

by marco
Some people seem to think that Opera's recent legal action against Microsoft will cause relations in the CSS Working Group to deteriorate and thereby damage our group's ability to function


pure C# 技術社群 - 遵循標準

by purecs
我計畫再過幾個月要買一台新的桌上型電腦,這台電腦要有最新最酷的硬體配備及超大容量的記憶體,這樣我用它來開發程式的時後就可以同時開起Vistal Studio、SQL2005還有VM而不會感到想抓狂,我會給它配上夠快的3D顯示卡,拿它來玩刺激的遊戲絕對是種享受,實在是太美妙啦。


Vers une nouvelle guerre du web?

by Monique & 3 others
La création du WHATWG par Mozilla, Opera et Apple risque de donner lieu à une nouvelle guerre des standards sur le Web.

Blog & Blues - Laurent Denis

by Monique & 8 others
Standards & qualité Web, accessibilité, utilisation du navigateur Opera

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