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20 August 2005 18:45

Dell W2600 - [print version]

by multilinko (via)
While the design of the W2600 punches above its weight, the video performance is more indicative of its budget roots. The torture test for any LCD is giving it a plain old analogue TV signal and then finishing it off with some Freeview programming, and with these odds Dell's effort didn't fare too well. The 25ms response time just isn't fast enough to deal with swift camera pans and moving images, and the 500:1 contrast ratio can't reproduce any detail when you're viewing a dimly lit movie. These sort of problems will affect the viewing pleasure of even the most undemanding viewer, so if you've got your heart set on an LCD, you'll have to spend up to £1,000 more to bag something comparable to a CRT from low-quality sources.

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