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by springnet
Fastpush is a script that can remotely install WinVNC on to a computer running NT, 2000 or XP. You need admin rights to do this, but it will work over any reasonable network connection.

VNC manager - VNC scanner - Terminal Server console - UltraVNC, RealVNC, and TightVNC

by springnet
VNCScan is a popular Network Administration tool that allows you to remotely manage all of your desktops and servers from a single location. It uses the standard open source VNC utility for remote desktop control. In addition to this, it can perform many - Forums - Application & Software Support - GUI on VNC client

by springnet
have enabled VNC server on one of my CentOS boxes, and found configuration instructions that included setting up Gnome on the desktop. When I looked at the /usr/bin/vncserver file to see which lines I was supposed to edit, the Centos vncserver file is dif

Karanbir Singh - Thinkability - Post details: Upgrading to CentOS4, over a remote vnc connection

by springnet
If you are running CentOS3 or even for that matter any other Linux distro and want to upgrade your machine to CentOS4 - and the machine is sitting on the other side of the globe - the easiest and most effective way to do so is using the remote vnc install

HOWTO: Set up VNC server with resumable sessions - Ubuntu Forums

by springnet
So here's the complete list of steps that are required to set the VNC server that any user can login into and start a session. It is also persistent, meanning that even if you disconnect the VNC client your X session will not end (unless you explicitly lo

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