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January 2006

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Ad Innovator: Advercasting:Podcast、Vodcastを使って広告をする手法

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Podcasting、Videocastingを広告に活用することを「Advercasting」とアメリカの有名マーケッタ・Steve Rubelが名づけ、さっそくオンライン辞書・Wikipediaにも載ったそうです。 | A Small Confession

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テレビ番組やラジオ番組、映画、ビデオブログなどをP2Pネットワークを通して配信し、テレビやiPodなどで視聴するための「Open Media Network」の公開ベータテストが26日、開始された。2005年4月

Freevlog: Tutorial extras vlog

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February 2005 - FreeVlog, a step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog using free tools and services, launches. | Vlog Map | Video Blog Map

by fox_b & 4 others
The world map of video blogs - aka vlogs, vidcasts and video podcasts.

Bob's Google Vlog - ABC News

by zboog
Bob Woodruff tours Google's campus and speaks with some of its employees.

Hchicha’s VloG

by hchicha
Une plateforme de blogs sous wordpress et permettant très facilement d'integrer des videos aux posts... Avis aux amateur (trices) des VloGs


by arnet
blog consacré à la télévision (Economie, Europe, Prospective, Technologies, Usages...).


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Add video to your blog

December 2005

whether man, shmether man

by mitten & 1 other
video blog - man stands outside so you don't have to

La Nuit de l'Archipel #5

by loiez
Visioconférence des vlogueurs francophones. Tous les vendredi soir à 21h ( heure française)

Rocketboom --- firefox vs ie

by stane & 3 others
what do you prefer?纽约街头随机采访


by hchicha
Tout pour gerer vos medias sur internet. Hebergement video, mp3, videoblogs ...etc etc

November 2005

Jennishow Episodes 16 & 17

by glitch p-udding
jennicam jennishow camgirl webcam vlog video multimedia download history

Free Video Codes

by hchicha & 1 other
Video Code Maker - Free Html Codes

by arnet & 10 others (via) is a video blogging, podcasting and sharing service. If you don't have a blog, we'll give you one. If you have a blog already, we'll make it a video blog.