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July 2006

The SOUL Logic Meta Programming tool

by hernan
SOUL is short for Smalltalk Open Unification Language. SOUL is an open, reflective logic programming language written in VisualWorks 7.x. The current implementation of SOUL also incorporates the ideas of another Logic Meta-Programming tool that was developed at the Programming Technology Lab (PROG)


by hernan
Isard is an interactive geometry software written in Smalltalk by Jean-S├ębastien Roy during the years 1996-1997, now being released (and sometimes updated).

Smalltalk Tools

by hernan
Coverage browser, Internet business application framework

Crafted Smalltalk

by hernan
Crafted Smalltalk is owned and operated by Terry Raymond. Mr. Raymond is an engineer with over 15 years of smalltalk experience and over 30 years of engineering experience. Crafted Smalltalk was started when its primary product, the Smalltalk Professional Debug Package, was introduced in 1995. Subsequently, it has been integrated into VisualWorks and is no longer a separate product. Although, it may still be purchased for older versions of VisualWorks.


by hernan (via)
Object Database Management System for Visual Smalltalk 3.1, Dolphin Smalltalk, VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualWorks Smalltalk, Squeak. MinneStore is a free, object-oriented database that is written entirely in Smalltalk and provides storage and retrieval of complex Smalltalk objects. It is designed to eventually support simultaneous updating by multiple clients, but this feature is not ready yet.

September 2005

esug smalltalk dvd

by macroron
VisualWorks 7.3, IBM VisualAge Smalltalk, Dolphin, Smalltalk/X, GnuSmalltalk 2.1.8, F-Script, Squeak 3.7 and Croquet, SharpSmalltalk, SmalltalkMT, Ambrai Smalltalk Beta, Gemstone, Strongtalk, Videos (talks by Dan Ingalls and Alan Kay...), Self, over 3.8G

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