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May 2009

The Ebb and Flow of Movies

by alphoenix
Summer blockbusters and holiday hits make up the bulk of box office revenue each year, while contenders for the Oscars tend to attract smaller audiences that build over time. Here's a look at how movies have fared at the box office, after adjusting for inflation.

April 2009

Status Updates (Infographically) Explained

by alphoenix
Une petite vidéo qui explique interactivement comment fonctionnent les statuts sur Twitter

La carte de la Toile européenne

by alphoenix
Avant la campagne pour les élections europénnes, une carte qui résume l'Europe sur la toile en France.

Create a Timeline : My Timelines

by alphoenix & 1 other
Une interface simple pour créer facilement des frises chronologiques à partir de flux RSS.

Welcome to

by alphoenix
Un site qui permet d'organiser facilement des données et de les partager ensuite.

Many Eyes

by ycc2106
Our goal is to "democratize" visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis. Jump right to our visualizations now, take a tour, or read on for a leisurely explanation of the project.


by jeanruaud (via)
[Harvard course on visualization, with links to video, slides, etc.]

March 2009

Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds

by jeanruaud
[experiment in scale : 4.6 billion year in 60 second]


by jeanruaud & 1 other
[python software for graphs]

February 2009

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