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March 2008 - Your Mac Modification HQ - Ubuntu wins CanSecWest Hack Off

by ericpaul (via)
AT THE CANSECWEST HACKERS CONTEST 2008 MAC AND VISTA WERE HACKED! LINUX UBUNTU WON!! SPREAD THE NEWS! LET'S BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!!! Ubuntu wins CanSecWest Hack Off. The winners and losers in the CanSecWest zero day hack contest are in. The winner is Ubuntu, as it was the only OS who did not fall to hackers. The losers are Apple OS X.5.2, Safari, Windows Vista SP 1 and Adobe Flash. The Windows Vista laptop went down after Adobe Flash Player was installed.

December 2007

OS X-Like Widgets with Screenlets on Ubuntu

by lecyborg
Both Windows Vista and Mac OS X include some sort of desktop widgets. Ubuntu doesn’t by default, but it’s easy to get the same features with Screenlets. Screenlets are written in Python with the Screenlet framework and drawn with vector SVG graphics.

October 2007

May 2007

December 2006

Live Tech Blog

by rdanays
Live Tech Blog: world technology, IT, software, hardware, blogging news.

Ilya Hevnikov’s Blog » How To Triple Boot (XP, Vista, Ubuntu) With Single Boot Screen

by springnet
Since Ubuntu 6.10 was released less than a month ago, Windows Vista went RTM and dates for new Ubuntu 7.4 were announced today, I thought I’ll post a tutorial on how to create a single boot screen triple boot system with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ub

October 2006

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