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November 2006

La fièvre jaune

by teasetrip
La fièvre jaune (anciennement appelée "vomi noir" ou "peste américaine") est une maladie virale. La maladie est provoquée par un arbovirus, le virus amaril. Ce virus infecte également des singes des forêts d’Afrique et d’Amérique du sud. Il est transmis à l'homme par des moustiques .

October 2006

CP Secure appliances defend networks from viruses and spyware

by jay
One of the best ways to defend a corporate network from the vast amounts of spyware and other malware running rampant on the web today, is to install a gateway scanning appliance like those provided by CP Secure ( These appliances stop malware at the internet gateway, before it ever enters the network, so desktop security programs are left with very little work to do. Some malware still does occasionally get in - especially if notebooks or other mobile devices often connect to the network - so these gateway appliances work best in conjunction with other security solutions such as a firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, desktop AV and anti-spyware. But the best thing about CP Secure's appliances is they don't require network reconfiguration - just install the appliance and turn it on. You will immediately see the huge amounts of malware being blocked before it ever reaches your computers.

A Security Port Blog

by oreck
Updated daily with information related to security issues.

ITmedia エンタープライズ:USBメモリにはマルウェアが?――記録メディアに潜む脆弱性 (1/2)

by plasticdreams

September 2006

GIANT microbes

by boninmat & 2 others
Des pitites peluches en forme de ... virus, bactéries et microbes !

August 2006

上半年流氓软件凶猛超病毒 九成MSN用户遭骚扰 -

by jackiege
瑞星发布今年上半年电脑病毒疫情,新病毒量暴增5倍 沪19万台电脑染毒1570万个


by alexnihilo
jeu absurde sur les virus informatiques

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