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January 2007

November 2006

Mise en place d'un Cluster Vmware ESX 3 en environnement SAN

by holyver
# 1 Présentation de VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 * 1.1 ESX Server 3 * 1.2 VMware Virtual Center 2 * 1.3 Consolidated Backup # 2 Infrastructure requise * 2.1 Schéma général d'un infrastructure complète * 2.2 Réseaux * 2.2 SAN * 2.3 Sauvegardes # 3 Installation des serveurs physiques * 3.1 VMware ESX 3 * 3.2 Virtual Center * 3.3 Consolidated Backup # 4 Démonstration des fonctionnalités offertes * 4.1 Sécurisation des données * 4.2 VMotion * 4.3 VMware DRS * 4.4 VMware HA # Conclusion

October 2006

Consolidation and virtualization: The same, but different

by holyver
Many IT administrators have discovered that there is overlap between consolidation and virtualization, and they are wondering how they should reconcile these two techniques in datacenter environments. Virtualization tools such as partitions, virtual machines, and resource management software all enable multiple dominant workloads to run simultaneously on larger servers, which is typically a key aspect of consolidation. But virtualization also offers far-reaching opportunities for administrators to fundamentally transform the operations in their datacenters.

CTO clears air about clusters vs. virtualization, blades vs. racks and more

by holyver
Server clusters and server virtualization may be two different animals, but they're animals that can work well together in a data center, says Hakon Bugge, founder and CTO of Scali Inc., a Linux clustering systems provider in Marlborough, Mass.

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