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September 2006

娜娜米米虚拟社区 | 免费交友,日记博客,网络相册,个人家园

by jackiege

August 2006

The Croquet Project

by sniggy & 3 others
croquet an open source world by alan kay

CYWORLD是怎么赚钱的(ZT) - hiyou

by jackiege

Gaia :: Welcome to Gaia Online

by jackiege & 3 others
Gaia's forum is the largest forum-based community on the internet, with over 440 million posts (plus over 350 million in storage), over 3 million registered users, and an average of 20,000 or more people online at any given time during the day.

by fastclemmy & 26 others (via)
Vers un avènement du bureau personnel sur le web ? Je suis un peu sceptique, pour ma part...

GMail Drive shell extension

by maxjhuang & 35 others (via)
GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.

July 2006

Virtual Hosting with Postfix, part two | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by cbrocas (via)
That encrypted password is an MD5 hash of the word 'test'. mkpasswd is a great utility for generating MD5 passwords. The 1000:1000 corresponds to the uid and gid of the "virtual" user we created in Part One. The home directory includes everything but the word before the @ in the email address.

June 2006

Blinking (Stardoll - Your pape) into on Blinklist

by jackiege (via)
1#via Mashable目标为7-17岁女孩帮助她们在网站上制作名人洋娃娃,通过高级用户收费的盈利模式

Stardoll - Your paperdoll heaven

by jackiege & 3 others
1#via Mashable目标为7-17岁女孩帮助她们在网站上制作名人洋娃娃,通过高级用户收费的盈利模式

Dungeons, Rooms, Rings, and Boards - 2SIMPLE

by jackiege