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Virtual Patching in the Spotlight Due to Unpatched Microsoft Vulnerabilities

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Due to three recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerabilities, the use of Intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection to shield against vulnerabilities




Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie

by HK
choisissez votre acteur et écrivez votre scenario à gauche


Google Transliteration

by ycc2106
Ecrivez phenetiquement pour écrire en arabe, hindi, tamil, Urdu...

Ajax IME: Web-based Japanese Input Method

by ycc2106 & 3 others
スの日本語入力サービスです。海外からでもブラウザさえあれば日本語を入力す ることができます。 特別なソフトは必要ありませ

Virtual Keyboards for All Languages

by ycc2106
Currently, Arabic العربية, Armenian Հայկական, Bengali, Cyrillic Кириллица, Devanagari देवनागरी, Ge'ez / Ethiopic ግዕዝ, Georgian / Mkhedruli ქართული, Greek Ελληνικά, Gujarati ગુજરાતી, Gurmukhi / Punjabi ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ, Hebrew עִבְרִית, Kannada, Korean 한국어, Latin, Malayalam , Tamil தமிழ், Telugu, Thaana ތާނަ‎ and Thai อักษรไทย are supported.

dooid - who are you?

by ycc2106
DooID is your Web 2.0 business card with e-mail signature. Get your own design, evaluate your networks (like Twitter, Facebook, etc.), interests - an online business card

by ycc2106
Something like put your business card at a place which then can be viewed, printed or saved as vcard by everybody interested to You. This is good for your personal branding or business...

Welcome -

by ycc2106 & 1 other is a service that allows you to boot nearly any operating system or utility on any computer with a wired internet connection - without having to know ahead of time what you'll want to boot. Once you can, you never need to update your boot disk again! works through the magic of netbooting. There are a number of ways to boot a computer with The simplest is to download a bootable image and burn it to a CD, USB memory stick, or floppy disk. Boot off it on any networked computer, and it will automatically fetch the latest boot options from and let you choose from dozens of installation, recovery, testing, portable desktop and other tools. You can also start from any computer running gPXE, or from any netbootable computer with some simple tweaks to your DHCP server.

libcloud python library - a unified interface cloud server providers

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Libcloud is a standard client library for many popular cloud providers, written in python. Exactly what I talked about a few weeks ago when asking for a common API to all cloud server providers. Now search for a way to convert / move an image from one provider to another !

Linux Virtual Server

by Elryk & 4 others
Linux Virtual Server (LVS) est une solution avancée de répartition de charge sous Linux. L'objectif de ce projet était de construire un serveur de haute performance pour Linux utilisant la technologie du clustering.

Sun VirtualBox

by Elryk & 29 others
VirtualBox est une machine virtuelle créée par InnoTek sur les hôtes Windows, Linux 32 et 64 bits et Mac OS X supportant Windows (dont Vista et Seven), Linux 2.x, OS/2 Warp, OpenBSD et FreeBSD comme systèmes invités. Après plusieurs années de développement, VirtualBox a été publié sous la licence GNU GPL en janvier 2007.

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