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17 June 2007 11:15

Flickr: Discussing Split Toning in Adobe Lightroom

by mozkart
In a nut shell it works like this, at least with B&W this is what I have found to work good for me :-) 1.)Make the image B&W using the Greyscale Mixer, curves and all other tools to get the image just how you want it from a tonality standpoint 2.)Move down to the split toning section. It has 3 sections the top one is for Hightlights and has two sliders, the bottom one is for shadows and has two sliders, and the middle slider sets the midway point between what is a higlight and what is a shadow 3.)Starting with the highlights slide the saturation slider all the way to the right. This will give you a great idea as to what color tint the highlights will get. Then slide the top slider until you get to the color you want. In my sample image I set the tint to 42. Then slide the saturation level all the way down 4.)Move down to the shadows and do the same thing. I set the color for 38 5.)Play with the saturation sliders until you get the effect you want. The more saturation the more tint the image will get 6.)Finally slide the middle slider to tell lightroom where to make the shift between highlights and shadows ************************************************************8 When you get a tint scheme you like save it as a preset. Remember however to uncheck everything but "Split Toning" Save different saturation levels for each tint setting you like. In this example I posted I call it my Sepia Tones and I saved the follwing settings. For all of these I set Highlights for 42 and shadows for 38 and then set both saturations at the same numbers listed below Warming Sepia 5 Light Sepia 11 Medium Sepia 28 Deep Sepia 40 Ultra Deep Sepia 70 by saving them as presets it makes it very easy to cycle through them. Of course every image is different and these are just meant to get you in the ball park. You will also need to adjust the midpoint for each image. The above is great for a Traditional Sepia Tone. If you want more of a selenium tone set the Highlights for 34 and the Shadows for 237. This will give you warm highlights and cool shadows

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