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01 January 1970 01:00

Donald Jackson - 1962 Worlds LP - Carmen

by tinyirishdancer
His program to "Carmen". He came in 1st. He performed the first triple lutz ever completed in Worlds.

Midori Ito 1991 World Championships Short Program

by tinyirishdancer
Midori's infamous short program at the 1991 World Championships, where she actually jumped out of the rink and onto the cameramen.

1991 World Championships LP - Sons Of Italy

by tinyirishdancer
Kurt Browning made history three times over with this. He became the first person to land three triple/triple combinations in one program, the first person to perform two triple Axels in the same program, and also the first man to land the triple Salchow/triple loop combination. And it also won him his third World Championship. Not bad for four and a half minutes eh?

1982 World Championships Elaine Zayak

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Elaine's winning free program from the competition. Because she did 4 triple Toe Loop jumps and rose so high in the rankings, the ISU instituted the "Zayak Rule" which limits the number of times a skater can repeat a triple or quadruple jump.

1992 Olympic Games Midori Ito (Very High Quality)

by tinyirishdancer
Watch this version of Midori Ito's long program at the 1992 Olympic Games, where she won the silver medal.

1980 World Championships Elaine Zayak

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Elaine perform at the 1980 World Championships. She finished 11th.

Midori Ito 1992 Olympics LP

by tinyirishdancer
She have challenged to second triple axel, and she... Scott Hamilton was commenting on this "gutsy" performance.

1988 Olympic Games Peggy Fleming Looks Back at the Event

by tinyirishdancer
Peggy Fleming looks back at the ladies' competition during the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games.

Midori Ito 1991 Trophy Lalique practice - 3-3 combo!

by tinyirishdancer
Midori's triple axel, triple toe combination in practice. amazing!

Carol Heiss - 1957 US Nationals

by tinyirishdancer
Her program from 1957 Nationals. She won the event.

Katarina Witt - 1988 Olympics - Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Katarina's long program at the 1988 Olympics to "Carmen" which won her a second Olympic gold medal.

Midori Ito 1984 NHK Practice triple axel

by tinyirishdancer
it's at the end! she warms up a little first =) she makes it look so easy! Midori was only 14 or 15 at the time

Carol Heiss - 1958 US Nationals

by tinyirishdancer
Her program from 1958 US Nationals. She won the event.

1990 World Championships Midori Ito

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Midori Ito perform at the 1990 World Championships.

Carol Heiss - 1959 US Nationals

by tinyirishdancer
Her program from 1959 US Nationals. She won the event.

1990 World Championships Midori Ito SP (CBS)

by tinyirishdancer
Watch the CBS version of Midori's short program at the 1990 Worlds.

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