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IM+ Web Messenger

by m.meixide
- AIM, Facebook, Jabber, ICQ, Mail.RU, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Vkontakte, Yahoo!, Yandex e Google Talk


European Commission - Conferences webTV Portal

by m.meixide
How to use this portal: The announcement of live webcasts is published in advance. Live Internet webcasts are available on the home page from the time foreseen in the agenda. After the events, online video-recordings provide an easy to use, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly resource. Browsing the list in the Archive , you can find the event or presentation you are interested in.

Videoconferencia en GNU/Linux

by m.meixide
Videoconferencia en GNU/Linux Ubuntu 9.04 con aMSN 0.98 » – V6.1


Team Apart - Real simple. Real-time.

by ycc2106
Meet face to face with others to quickly and efficiently share information. Go ahead, try it out now!

by ycc2106 is a web conference system for up to 24 users for 24/7. (We have a pro account option menu.) Only a meeting host user needs to create a user account. Other members can join the meeting by web browser without registration or login. It's so easy. (If you use your browser in English, all texts convert in English automatically and you can use it at international conference.)

Welcome to Dimdim

by ycc2106
Meeting tool: videochat, Share desktop, show slides

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