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life through an artificial eye: Six Miles

by exiledsurfer
Back from the awesome AVIT 05 and doing a midnight live vj set together with todd synesthete for the san francisco glitch-hop artist kraddy, during the UK's largest not for profit political clubbing event, Drop Beats Not Bombs, on the closing night of AVI

life through an artificial eye: re:vlogged: Who's Responsible for this?

by exiledsurfer
Today's re:vlog is an amalgamation of visitors to artificialeye who left comments complimenting us on the quality of the content, so i think it's fair to return the favor by re:vlogging them. In order of appearance:

What is Transana?

by exiledsurfer
Transana is designed to facilitate the transcription and qualitative analysis of video and audio data. It provides a way to view video or play audio recordings, create a transcript, and link places in the transcript to frames in the video. It provides too

Participatory Culture Foundation

by exiledsurfer & 5 others
Announcing a new platform for internet television and video. Anyone can broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost, using BitTorrent technology. Viewers get intuitive, elegant software to subscribe to channels, watch video, an

infoSync World : Preview: Samsung Miniket VP-X110L

by exiledsurfer
hared drive basec video cam with attachable firewire cam

re:vlogging Homage to Annie

by exiledsurfer
RE:vlogging is the remixing of videoblogposts "the only way i can flirt with her is with a re-vlog mix of her original post with some nice ice cream pastel color and streak fx with a bit of rgb delay -- to spice up the stark whiteness of what appears to b

life through an artificial eye

by exiledsurfer
vj falk's newly started vj blog, posting clips and loops

Videoblogger Map

by exiledsurfer
interactive map you can add your videoblog to

by stef_ls & 3 others
Un site sur le vidéo blogging.


Video Bomb

by isolabig & 25 others
Videobomb, un sistema de alojamiento de video donde los usuarios pueden añadir videos y etiquetarlos pero tambien votarlos al estilo digg. Asi los videos mas votados pasaran a portada.

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