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by Krome & 2 others
Passer une vidéo Youtube en background de site


by mixher & 2 others
Passer une vidéo Youtube en background de site

The web video problem

by gregg
Why it's time to rethink visual storytelling on the web from the bottom up


by Paykhan & 2 others
Passer une vidéo Youtube en background de site

Streaming series

by Paykhan
Séries en streaming


Post Haste - Organize your projects before you start

by gregg
Simplify your creative workflows by organizing your projects before you start. Post Haste is an essential project management tool that makes it easy to create new projects from customizable templates. It's suitable for photographers, video professionals, audio professionals, graphic designers, web designers and anyone who needs to keep their projects and assets organized.

Mozilla grudgingly adopts H.264

by marco
"The state of video on the Web today and in mobile devices in particular is pushing us to change our policy. We've declined to adopt a technology that improves user experience in the hopes this will bring greater user sovereignty. Not many would try this strategy, but we did," she added.


Easy YouTube caption creator | Accessibility tools, web developer tools, wizards and markup generators | Accessify

by Monique, 1 comment

The Easy YouTube caption creator is designed to make it very simple to create a caption text file (.sub format) that you can then add to YouTube video files that you have uploaded.

iTilde - internet, design, technology, digital marketing

by mydruid
Marketing digital - SEO - SEM - créer site web - création site internet, how to create a website, comment créer un site - webdesign - webmarketing - webentreprenneur

Knovio | Online Video Presentations Made Easy | PowerPoint + Webcam

by oseres
Knovio™ is a free tool for turning PowerPoint slides into rich video presentations right from your web browser. No fancy hardware or video software needed - just a webcam and microphone.



by yobogs
Mutuelle Assistance est une société de courtage spécialisée dans la vente de contrats d’assurance santé et de prévoyance par Internet. Nous sommes à l’écoute de nos clients et recherchons pour eux les meilleurs contrats de mutuelles santé adaptés à leurs besoins et surtout à leur budget.

Installation et test de Flumotion 0.8

by eledo34 (via)
Flumotion est un serveur de streaming open-source sous licence GPL. Il permet de diffuser à des utilisateurs ne disposant que d'un simple navigateur Web des contenus audio et vidéo. La dernière version disponible (la 0.8) apporte une fonctionnalité que je trouve intéressante de tester: le support du conteneur WebM et du codec vidéo VP8 que gOOgle à libéré il y a quelques mois. Nous allons voir dans ce billet comment installer et configurer Flumotion 0.8 sur une distribution GNU/Linux Ubuntu Desktop 10.10.

How to Make a Screencast for Your Website | Webdesigner Depot

by oseres (via)
Having a video on your website can vastly improve your conversion rate. Whether the goal is for users to sign up for your web application or simply to get users to contact you via a web form, a video improves the likelihood of this happening. You need only go to the home page of any new Internet-based startup, and you’ll see an embedded video with a very large call to action beckoning you to play its two- or three-minute video introduction. Videos that demonstrate web applications or web-based services are often called screencasts because they usually capture events on the company’s website. These screencasts can sum up in just two minutes what might otherwise take up many pages to explain, so they make for powerful additions to websites. Is it easy to make a screencast? How much does it cost, and what tools are required? Let’s answer these questions.

La bataille des codec vidéo sur Internet se poursuit -

by Monique
Quel sera demain le format de référence pour la vidéo sur Internet ? Plusieurs codec – des systèmes de compression et de décompression de données (ou codage décodage), – s'affrontent pour devenir la norme pour les vidéos sur le Web, alors que la nouvelle version du HTML, le langage qui structure la plupart des pages Web, permet désormais d'intégrer directement des vidéos dans les pages.

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