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April 2007

DVD/VHS à bas prix!!

by Gratuit Music
Dvd/Vhs tous vos films favoris à petits prix! Titanic, la plage, la verite si je mens, le diner de con, le pere noel est une ordure,camping,le coffret le seigneur des anneaux,chouchou, da Vinci code,coffret spier-man etc..

February 2007

Qui perd gagne!

by stoff
film hilarant avec thierry l'hermite fait par benguigui

January 2007

How to Convert VHS to DVD with a DVD Recorder

by kromakirk
When preserving your favorite movies or memories, the standard used to be VHS video tapes. But with the advancement of DVD technology, the advantages of DVDs proved to outweigh those of VCR tapes. Video tapes can wear out over time, becoming bent, dama...

December 2006

Understanding The DVD Drive

by kromakirk
Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper The CD was first introduced into the world by Phillips and the Sony corporation and was to replace the LP.It started rather badly butin 1995 there was a standard being set for the dvd Cdrom have been around awhile,but as the ...

September 2006

Anne d'Roid's Dungeon

by access2 (via)
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