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'Pinch' connects multiple smartphones and tablets together to make a display | The Verge

by sbrothier
Not content with synchronizing your phones to make one giant speaker? Researchers at the Tokyo University of Technology have developed "Pinch," an interface that lets you connect multiple devices together to form a giant disjointed display. Although the technology behind the interface remains a mystery — described only as a Wi-Fi based system — a video posted by DigInfo TV shows Pinch in action. To connect two devices, a user simply needs to pinch two adjacent screens together. The screens can be linked together in whatever alignment you choose, as the position and screen size of each display is communicated on a successful pinch. It's not the first time developers have managed to link together multiple smartphone displays, but this is definitely the slickest interface we've seen.


Investigating Investigative Journalism - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 01/14/13 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

by sbrothier
Investigating Investigative Journalism John Oliver discovers that pretend news is the media world's sole remaining home for intrepid investigative journalists.


How to Add Subtitles to Video Files on Your Mac | Mac.AppStorm

by sbrothier
You don’t have to be a movie buff to appreciate a good foreign film, but unless you know the language, you will need to watch with subtitles. Adding them to your movies, TV shows and video files can be fairly easy, and you have a few options to do so. The file format of the video usually doesn’t matter when it comes to adding subtitles, but naturally, playback is another story depending on how and where you want to watch it. If you’ve got a film that doesn’t have any subtitles at all, you can usually find them at websites like and or by simply checking through a search engine. Subtitle file formats are typically found in .srt, .sub, .ssa, .ass and MicroDVD, and all of them should work with the options that I’ll outline here.


by m.meixide & 1 other - find, collect and publish your favorite online video

Plugin tvalacarta para XBMC | Televisión a la carta

by m.meixide
tvalacarta es un plugin para XBMC, Plex y Boxee. Permite ver algunas de las cadenas de televisión locales, autonómicas y nacionales de España que ofrecen contenidos a la carta. De momento funciona con 21 canales de televisión: * Antena 3 * ADNStream * Barcelona TV * Clan TVE * EITB * Extremadura TV * Hogarutil * Canal Plus TV * Andalucía TV * TVE * TVE Mediateca * RTVV * Terra TV * Turbonick * TV3 * TVG * Mallorca TV * Meristation * 7rm * Internautas TV *


by m.meixide
XBMC é un software premiado de reprodución multimedia e entretemento dixital, libre e de código aberto (GPL). XBMC está dispoñible para Linux, OSX, Windows e Xbox orixinal. Creado en 2003 por un grupo de programadores, XBMC é un proxecto sen ánimo de lucro xestionado e desenvolvido por voluntarios localizados en todo o mundo. Máis de 50 desenvolvedores de software teñen contribuído para XBMC, e máis de 100 tradutores teñen traballado para ampliar o seu alcance, facéndoo dispoñible en máis de 30 idiomas. Permite reproducir, organizar etc todo tipode de formatos. Ademais hai un complemento chamado "tvalacarta" que permita ver a tv "a la carta" ofrecida polas seguintes cadeas de tv: Antena 3 ADNStream Barcelona TV Clan TVE EITB Extremadura TV Hogarutil Canal Plus TV Andalucía TV TVE TVE Mediateca RTVV Terra TV Turbonick TV3 TVG Mallorca TV Meristation 7rm Internautas TV

Logiciels vidéos

by astrochoupe
Logiciels pour lire et convertir des vidéos, connaitre les codecs ou regarder la TV.


Watch TV you love, full shows, on demand free on MSN Video Player UK

by ycc2106
Watch classic British TV free on MSN Video Player including Peep Show, Young Ones How To Look Good Naked, Hustle and Dr Who."


by HK & 1 other
agence avec un pool de réalisateurs talentueux ( clips, pub, films, courts métrages...) références : audi, coca, parfums, clips...

24h Berlin on The Auteurs

by mixher & 3 others
24h Berlin is television's longest programme ever: No actors, no screenplay, no tricks – just real life. A 24-hour documentary, told in real-time, airing September 5th. On that day, in 2008, a story both intimate and exotic began in Berlin, a story told from the perspective of the people. Exactly a year before today's broadcast, 80 camera teams immersed themselves in the lives of Berliners, for 24 hours.

doncvoilà - les décapités du 16/9

by sbrothier
du 4/3 au 16/9 en passant par la découpe et la distortion...

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