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Springdoo – Video says it better

by knann & 1 other
Online audio and/or video email or post to blog service.

Media Convert

by ycc2106 & 48 others
Online converter for sound, video, image and documents, also from URL. - free and on line - convert and split sound, ringtones, images, docs - MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI MPG MP4 DivX MPEG4 iPOD PSP OGG WMA AAC MP4 MPC MMF QCP KAR MIDI REALAUD


by knann & 2 others (via)
Audio and video podcasting service. Create audio over the phone. Record video online. Post to blog automatically.


by knann
Software program for publishing audio and video podcasts for Mac OSX

iPod Media Studio Build 007 :: Audio-Multimedia::Video Tools :: Free Software Download Site

by webzf & 1 other
Watch DVD, home movies, feature films and TV-series on your video iPod in great quality, in full screen, zoomed mode. Transfer DVD to iPod in three clicks. This software may be purchased online from our webstore.A 60 Gb iPod may store up to 200 hours of h

October 2006

Tioti: Tape It Off The Internet

by knann & 4 others
We currently index 1,600 TV shows - 90,000 episodes - and we are matching everything up with content sources like iTunes, AOL and Amazon Unbox - with more to come. Our beta feature set allows you to do exactly what it says on the tin and do it in style. With integrated message boards, groups, personalised badges and an extensive API, we have lots more great stuff coming soon too.

My Video Email is Free - Video Express Email

by knann (via)
What will they think of next? What are the implications for the classroom?


by blogsir & 2 others
1、MIX:upload and mix your photos, videos & music. 2、Share:Share the iBloks you create with your friends and family. 3、PLAY:Play the iBloks you and your friends have made

by [NikO] & 35 others
all needed about video encoding / decoding ...

by blogsir & 3 others
集合多个视频搜索,其中搜索内容包括、、、、、、、 站内的视频。