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Push Pop Press — About Us

by HK & 1 other
Push Pop Press acquired by Facebook Last year Push Pop Press set off to re-imagine the book. We created a new way of publishing and exploring text, images, audio, video and interactive graphics, then teamed up with Melcher Media and Al Gore to create a new kind of book. The result is Al Gore's Our Choice, which was released earlier this year. The response has been incredible. Tech columnist David Pogue of The New York Times summed it up by saying: “this is one of the most elegant, fluid, impressive apps you've ever seen. It's a showpiece for the new world of touch-screen gadgets.” Now we're taking our publishing technology and everything we've learned and are setting off to help design the world's largest book, Facebook. Although Facebook isn't planning to start publishing digital books, the ideas and technology behind Push Pop Press will be integrated with Facebook, giving people even richer ways to share their stories. With millions of people publishing to Facebook each day, we think it's going to be a great home for Push Pop Press. Al Gore's Our Choice will remain available for purchase, and we've decided that our future profits from the book will be donated to The Climate Reality Project. There are no plans to continue publishing new titles or building out our publishing platform that was in private beta. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported and expressed interest in Push Pop Press. Both Push Pop Press and Facebook share a passion for improving the way we share and explore ideas and we couldn't be more excited about what the future holds. Mike Matas Kimon Tsinteris Co-founders, Push Pop Press



Did you know ?

by dhiraj
A video post on the trends that can be seen on knowledge, learning and education and a comparison of different geographical reasons, with interesting facts and figures.


Du "Nuage" pleuvront des images - (Le Monde)

by jeanruaud
En coulisses, la vidéo complique le fonctionnement de l'Internet. Mais pour l'utilisateur final, elle restaure au contraire le mode d'expression le plus naturel et le plus spontané : voir et entendre, parler, faire des mimiques, montrer le décor alento

Camera Zapper

by rike_
Cameras are ubiquitous today, and, from a technology perspective, the revolution is just beginning. Video cameras are becoming smaller and cheaper while the Internet is enabling unlimited live webcasting.

Blog : LOL: The Life of Leo

by springnet
To begin with we’re going to stream everything we do at TWiT, including the production of all our shows, live and interactive. To that end we’re adding considerable bandwidth: a T1 line and a cable modem to our existing DSL connectivity. We’ll Skype


On-line Social Internet Bookmarks

by chernobylnews
Video, Music, Software, Programming, Design, Linux, Tools, Technology, Blog, Business, Web, Mac, Free, Opensource, Funny, Reference, Web20, Computer, Ajax, Php, ~ Any film in any language.

by knann
Add captioning to any video!--including other languages.....Lots of educational uses!

Top 5 LEGO Mindstorms NXT Creations

by Korak
A top 5 list containing video clips of the coolest creations made with the LEGO Mindstorms NXT programmable bricks system.


Audio and Video Editing Software

by hanso (via)
The best audio and video software - You can create your own music, by mixing elements and samples you could make your mixes for a web site or a presentantion. You can also record streaming audio or pull audio from a CD, DVD. With such software you can also convert files from one format to another.

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